A context-aware learning and working environment enables employees with reduced or impaired performance to access the first labour market


In Germany currently more than 300 000 people with reduced or impaired performance are working in sheltered employment. To include those people into the first labour market would be a great achievement. Not only because of economic reasons, but especially for the concerned people this is an important step to give them a sense of belonging to the society.

(Photo: Femos, Steffen Müller)


The project incluMOVE will realize an augmented learning and working environment which supports people with reduced or impaired performance in learning several assembly operations. Additionally, this augmented environment functions as a supraregional qualification, which certifies the acquisition of five basic skills: mounting/joining, grasping/positioning, measuring/inspecting, adjusting and support functions.

Innovations & perspectives

Learning complex assembly operations is achieved via motor learning in combination with gamification. The motor learning is supported by a haptical device, which guides the users hand to support, e.g., positioning operations. To give monotonous tasks a more playful character projected gamification elements, e.g., points, a progress pyramid or a cute avatar explaining a new task to the user, can be integrated into the learning and working environment. By combining gamification with motor learning the learning process and later also the daily work should offer a safe and playful atmosphere in which the people confidently work without getting bored by monotonous tasks or the fear of doing something wrong.