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Work in Progress – Release 2020

When a valuable robot is stolen from a renowned research laboratory, Detective Kira is charged with the case. During her investigations, she dives deep into the world of social robots. Meeting not only scientists but also anti-robot activists, Kira is confronted with varying perspectives on progress and automation.

The “Social Robots Comic” is an Affective & Cognitive Institute project of Offenburg University and covers its research on acceptance of social robots.

Our goal is to communicate the future development of social robotics to a greater, non-academic audience. We are facing exciting but also critical times, where robotics and artificial intelligence will change the labour market and society dramatically. Still, in western society of today the topic of “robots” is associated with lots of negative traits.

The ACI (Affective & Cognitive Institute) wants to provide a new perspective to the subject “social robots in health care”. Presented by way of an entertaining detective story we explain the different aspects of social robotics from an objective point of view. Our story covers a variety of subjects ranging from real-life examples of social robots like Paro to the emotional arguments of anti-robot activists. The comic provides an easy-to-grasp entry-point into the complex field of research and technology. It is intended for personal use for those interested in the topic but is also planned to be shared with schools for educational purposes.

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This project is being developed with the support of AGYA
(Arab-German Young Academy).