Prof. Korn is Director of the ACI and Full Professor for HCI at Offenburg University. He and his team aim to enrich applications with gameful design and context-awareness, including emotion-awareness.

    Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn Institute Director

    Julia Reichwein takes care of overall organisational matters of the ACI, the administrative and financial issues of the projects as well as press and public relations.

      Julia Reichwein Project Coordinator

      Academic Staff

      Arthur Theil Cabreira holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. His research has focused on designing and evaluating multimodal interactions and accessible interfaces for the aging population and users with a diverse range of sensorimotor abilities.

        Arthur Theil Cabreira, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher

        Annika is doing her PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Robert-Bosch GmbH in cooperation with the ACI and the Bauhaus-University Weimar. Her research deals with interaction via surfaces with networked systems in the smart home and automotive sector.

          Annika Sabrina Schulz PhD Candidate

          Rogério Bordini is a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction, specialist in 3D modelling, sound design and game design. His research is focused on virtual environments for mental health treatment and serious games.

            Rogério Bordini PhD Candidate

            As an illustrator and creative thinker Jonas Grund enhances the projects of the ACI with his ideas, concepts and drawings. His goal is to ease the communication between science and the public.

              Jonas Grund Research Associate

              Michael Blatz was one of the first members of the ACI. With a strong background in game development, game design and gamification, he is responsible for User Interaction and User Experience.

                Michael Blatz Research Associate

                Adrian Rees has been part of the ACI since it's very beginning, concerning himself with everything related to Design and Gamification, as well as maintaining the institute's website.

                  Adrian Rees Research Associate

                  James Gay joined the ACI in 2018, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience as a software engineer. Across various projects, he assists in developing gamified applications.

                    James Gay Research Associate

                    Software Engineer Moritz Umfahrer joined the ACI in early 2018. Providing assistance across various projects, he also manages the ACI's software development & project management infrastructure.

                      Moritz Umfahrer Research Associate

                      Student Research Assistants

                      As a master student for Media & Communication Belinda helps to develop gamification concepts for lectures at Offenburg University.

                        Belinda Hagley Student Assistant

                        Lara studies Media Technology and Economics at Offenburg University. She became part of the team in 2019 and supports it in scientific research.

                          Lara-Sophie Bornholdt Student Assistant


                          While studying a master in Communication and Media Engineering, Hubert provides support in software development across several ACI projects.

                            Hubert Njuacha Student Assistant

                            As a former master student in Communication and Media Engineering Karan did his master thesis with the ACI. His specialty is in embedded software engineering and web development.

                              Karan Nandkumar Student Assistant

                              Franziska studies Media and Information Science at Offenburg University. She joined the team in 2018 and supports it in scientific research.

                                Franziska Schulz Student Assistant

                                Andrea Küntzler joined the team in 2018, focusing on the administrative and financial issues of the projects as well as overall organizational matters of the ACI.

                                  Andrea Küntzler Project Coordinator

                                  Rúben Gouveia is a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction. His research has focused mainly on the design, development and evaluation of persuasive technologies for health and wellbeing.

                                    Rúben Gouveia PhD Candidate

                                    As a cognitive scientist, Lea Buchweitz has deep knowledge about the psychological backgrounds of HCI. Due to her interdisciplinary studies, she can contribute in various fields, such as concepts, programming and scientific research.

                                      Lea Buchweitz Research Associate