Affective & Cognitive Institute

Offenburg University

The Affective & Cognitive Institute (ACI) is a multi-faculty research institute within Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg. We develop assistive technologies and study the perception and integration of social robots. Gamification, affective computing and augmented reality are the main focuses of our work.

Research and Methodology

Within our research we try to find technological solutions for problems in the sectors of work, education and health care. Our assistive systems are influenced by our main research areas.

Playful concepts of gamification help to motivate users in their work, and emotion recognition allows affective systems to react adequately to user feelings. With interactive projections and virtual reality, augmented reality makes it possible to use technologies more intuitively.
In addition, we keep track of the developments of social robots. In surveys and interviews we investigate how social robots are perceived and accepted by society. Our findings are intended to help understand what social robots could look like and what tasks they could take on.

As an institute we stand for a user-centered conception and development. Iteratively, we adapt our work to the wishes and needs of users and stakeholders. This methodology is especially important for assistive technologies and social robots, as they are used in everyday life and are supposed to improve it.

Therefore, we regularly conduct qualitative and quantitative studies within each project. These include not only interviews and focus group discussions, but also the collection of physiological data through emotion recognition and eye tracking.



photo of the Affective & Cognitive Institute team

Our dedicated employees form the core of the Affective & Cognitive Institute.
Scientists, programmers and designers come together in the ACI and work together as an international team. In doing so, we are actively supported by our student assistants.

The founder and director of the institute is Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn.