ACI Director Oliver Korn talks to Marc Verbenkov in the Automated Podcast about the future of social robots. In 45 minutes, the two talk entertainingly about social robots in healthcare, their economic potential and ethical challenges.

Link to Automated Podcast with ACI Director Oliver Korn

Just listen in and learn a lot about social robots: Where are social robots already used today and why can they even be a better alternative than living creatures in areas such as care for the elderly? Also covered is one of the main questions surrounding social robots, whether programming the mimicking of emotion and mannerismus is actually ethical or not. The conversation covers the challenges of the technologies and why they have been used on a limited scope so far. The episode also explores the potential future of social robots and what impact an increase in their use would have in our society.

The Affective & Cognitive Institute is dedicated to science communication. After “Social Robots – A Science Comic”, the podcast is another publication in the spirit of the Third Mission of universities. 

Enjoy the podcast or video!