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Social Robots

The project Social Robots investigates the social acceptance – especially with regard to cultural differences – of social robots. Social robots are machines that are able to recognize as well as interpret human facial expressions and gestures and can match their own actions to them. The project addresses the acceptance of robots on an empirical level.

See also: Social Robots: Springer Book and A Workshop: Social Robots


incluMOVE is an educational reseach project that aims at empowering people with reduced or impaired performance during their work. The goal is a context-aware and interactive system which provides support by projection and a haptic device. Additionally, gamification elements will integrate a playful character into everyday work.


The EU-funded project SUITCEYES will enlarge the communication space for deafblind people. By using different sensors and actuators a Smart Textile will receive information about its environment and pass it on to the person wearing it.

Project Archive

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The project KoBeLU develops a context-aware and interactive system which should make learning more playful and self guided for trainees. The system should act as a personal coach and adjust the training sessions individually by using emotion recognition. If the trainee needs help, hints and tips are projected onto the working area.

08/2016 – 07/2019