On 22nd August 2019, the SUITCEYES symposium “Haptic Communication – Breaking the Barriers for Inclusion and Participation” took place in the wonderful city of Borås, Sweden.
With one and a half years having passed since the launch of the SUITCEYES project, consortium members, stakeholders and decision makers assembled to report on the latest findings in the field and to discuss how signs, words, vocabulary and grammar can be emulated towards a haptic language.

ACI at the SUITCEYES Symposium 2019
ACI member James Gay at the SUITCEYES Symposium 2019

The University of Borås hosted the SUITCEYES symposium 2019 at the Textile Fashion Centre in Borås. Inspiring and informative talks by guest speakers like Malin Ekman Aldén on “National Policies on Participation, Accessibility and Inclusion” and also many guest researchers gave valuable input of their work in the field.

Our Swedish friends were the perfect hosts. Delicious cakes and beverages refuelled our energy in short breaks, while cultural enjoyment was provided in the form of Taiko music performed by “Sweden Taiko”. A big thank you to Andrew Hickman and his team! 

The symposium in Borås was a great opportunity to recap on one and half years of work. With the project now half way through, many greats things have happened. The ACI has managed to get tremendous work done. We have created a functional prototype of the vibro-tactile vest and evaluated gamification elements in our Easter Egg Hunt Study. Through interviews with deafblind individuals we looked for opportunities and solutions to integrate the benefits of gamifications and the joy of gaming. With excitement and huge motivation we look forward to the second half of the SUITCEYES project.