Social Robots – A Science Comic


The prototype of a social robot has disappeared from the research lab shortly before the first large field study for use in elderly care. In the search for the stolen robot, many questions arise:

  • What are social robots and how can they be used?
  • How can social robots be used in elderly care?
  • Do social robots endanger jobs?
  • What are possible solutions?

Inspector Kira investigates and finds many answers…


Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn, head of the Affective & Cognitive Institute (ACI) at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, is the creator of the ideas and scientific author of Social Robots – A Science Comic. Graphic artist Jonas Grund immersed himself in the world of science as an employee of the ACI and incorporated his experiences into the comic. With the comic, the authors convey in an easily understandable way the current state and outlook of science in the field of social robots and artificial intelligence. They thus offer a basis for a broad social debate.

The 72-page comic is published in DIN A4 portrait format. It is available free of charge in German and English in the eReader. The printed hardcover edition can be purchased from the university shop.


© 2020 Affective & Cognitive Institute ACI

Published by Affective & Cognitive Institute ACI, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Badstrasse 24, 77652 Offenburg, Germany.

Printing: BOD Badische Offsetdruck Lahr GmbH, Hinlehreweg 9, 77933 Lahr – Germany

ISBN print german: 978-3-9822778-1-3
ISBN print english: 978-3-9822778-0-6

The work, including its parts, is protected by copyright. Any use is prohibited without the consent of the publisher and the author. This applies in particular to electronic or other reproduction, translation, distribution and making available to the public.

Social Robots – A Science Comic is the result of a cooperation with AGYA
(Arab-German Young Academy)
and is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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