After already welcoming QTrobot in our team last March, Pepper joins us as a new team member.
He too will assist us in further researching the topic of social robots and will eventually become the foundation of future studies.

Image of Pepper
Pepper and ACI member Lea Buchweitz

Pepper is a social-humanoid robot from SoftBank Robotics. His specialty is the interaction with humans. This can be done via direct dialogue as well as the robot’s built-in touch screen.
Our new member recognizes an approaching, potential dialogue partner with ease and can be immediately involved in an exchange.
As one of the first of its kind, Pepper is able to recognize faces and interpret human emotions. This ability enables him to communicate more autonomously. [1]

Since 2015 Pepper has been employed as a receptionist in UK offices. Thanks to his many skills, he can identify visitors, transmit messages and take further actions. But his potential has also been recognized by Japanese hospitals, restaurants and banks. [2]

Although Pepper is already being used in many private households, he is not actually made for domestic use. Rather, Pepper’s creators hope that new owners around the world will develop new applications and tasks for Pepper, making him ready for more and more applications. [3]

Image of Pepper
Pepper and ACI member Moritz Umfahrer

We are looking forward to working with our new team member Pepper and gaining a lot of new knowledge about social robots.