ACI Director Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn discussing the latest trends from the CHI conference 22.

As Humboldt already recognized, language is the key to the world. And thus also to our society. Unfortunately, this key is denied to a large number of people in Germany, especially in a vocational context. On May 23, in Frankfurt am Main numerous representatives from science and industry discussed innovative ways to promote language for professional qualification at the 4th GFFB Frankfurt conference in cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich and the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Among them were Oliver Korn and Benjamin Schnitzer from the Affective & Cognitive Institute ACI.

Playful and virtual to profession and language

Together with Dr. Stefan Göbel, Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch, Isabel Hoffmann and Giulio Crocco, ACI director Prof. Dr. Oliver Korn and Benjamin Schnitzer discussed new ways of language learning with the help of digital solutions such as Serious Games and Virtual Reality.

The contributions of Oliver Korn and Benjamin Schnitzer can be found under Congress Day 23.06.2022, “Forum 3: Playing and virtually to profession and language?

Further speeches and presentations can be found in the documentation of the 4th congress “Neue Wege in der berufsqualifizierenden Sprachförderung”.

#ABCforJobs Partner

Oliver Korn and Benjamin Schnitzer both work and conduct research as cooparation partners in the #ABCforJobs project, which is coordinated by the GFFB. The BMBF-funded project focuses on industries in which employees are confronted with the digitalization of work processes. The aim is to reach low-literate employees and the unemployed in order to strengthen their continued employment or re-employment.

The aim is to map a holistic approach between reading, writing, comprehension and implementation in a virtual professional context and thus to enable hybrid teaching of written and digital content.