The newly founded ACI – Affective & Cognitive Institute of the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg introduces itself. On Wednesday, 14th November 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., an open day will take place in building B, room 123. We invite all employees, students and the public to get to know our team and our projects on assistance systems, social robots and interactive clothing.

We open our doors for the public and give some insights of what we do. While snacking some brezels you can chat with us about our work and our fields of research. To get a better feeling for our projects we´ve created some interesting and funny interactions.

Our program in detail:

  • Build your own ACI Mascot with the help of our context aware learning system KoBeLu
  • Take on the “Deafblind Navigation Challenge” and try to find your way with our SUITCEYES vest
  • See real robots in action and maybe grab a selfie
  • Chat with our team and get insights on the different projects we are working on

DIY ACI Mascot

The project KoBeLu develops a context aware learning system which takes you by hand and provides a step by step guidance how to build a little paper figure – our ACI mascot. Dive into a new world of learning and experience the possibilities of technology. As bonus you can take your built paper ACI Mascot with you and give it a new home.

Deafblind Navigation Challenge

For our project SUITCEYES we are developing an assistive device for deafblind people. Gain some awareness of the life of a deafblind person and try out our prototype of the SUITCEYES tactile vest. Without seeing or hearing will you find your way when guided only by vibration?

Selfie with a robot

Another big research field of the ACI are social robotics and how they will be used in areas of health and work. Ever been interested in the future development of technology and how robots will be integrated in our daily life? Prof. Korn will be available to give you answers. In addition our two ACI robots Sanbot and Padbot are ready for a little selfie.

Chat with the team

The ACI covers a broad range of professions in a unique way. Scientists, software engineers and artists are working hand in hand to create really outstanding projects. You are always invited to talk with us.

The ACI team is looking forward to many visitors!