Our first Open Day of 2018 was a great success. We are still a bit overwhelmed by the large number of visitors. Students, colleagues from Offenburg University and also some curious members of the public took the chance to inform themselves about our work and research projects.

The ACI robot on tour

Our robot “Sanbot” attracted a lot of attention. Everywhere he went people turned around and marvelled at him. Naturally the interest was pretty high in how robots will be included in our daily life and shape the future. In many talks we explained the current state of the art and ongoing developments of social robots.

The SUITCEYES Prototype

Testing our prototype vest was one major event that day. Many interested volunteers participated and tried to navigate only guided by vibration while experiencing the extraordinary condition of being deafblind.

Learning with Augmented Reality

Gamification, Augmented Reality and context sensitivity in educational context could be experienced in the KoBeLu project. Throughout the day a lot of ACI mascots were created and taken home. We hope they have now found a warm and nice spot in their new home!